U.S. Civil Corps
Advanced Training Group
US Civil Corps (USCC) is an organization focused on providing a variety of advanced training for law enforcement,
government agencies, private organizations, and law abiding citizens. USCC has instructed numerous law
enforcement personnel including federal agencies and special operations groups. Our programs have received high
recommendations for the professionalism and quality of instruction, effectiveness of material, and
simplified and
direct methodology of instruction
. USCC instructors are highly trained an experienced in various fields ranging
from Law Enforcement, Paramedics, EMT, Flight Paramedics and Nurses, Emerency Medical Personnel, Advanced
Combat Instructors, etc...

USCC Mission: To train and prepare well rounded and holistic professional personnel in essential modern day skills.

USCC Courses Include:
* High Risk Tactical Defense [Law Enforcement and Special Operations]
* Advanced Weapons Training and Defense
* Advanced Knife Defense and Combat
* Tactical Medic Operations [Under BSOG-Bluegrass Special Operations Group]
* TCCC [Tactical Combat Casualty Care- Care Under Fire] Instruction and Certification
* Medical Training and Certification [CPR, First Aid, Basic/Advanced Life Support]
* Survival Training [Basic and Combat Survival Training]        
Tracking [Basic, Combat, and Search and Rescue Tracking]
* Map Reading and Land Navigation Training
* Small Unit Tactics Training
* Adult Defense and Conditioning
* S.A.F.E. Safety Awareness and Female Empowerment
What is U.S. Civil Corps?
Advanced Resources for Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Emergency Response, and Businesses
Training Opportunities:
USCC holds training opportunities and training camps for public and private organizational training. If interested
contact us.

If interested in private training, contact us and provide us with details of the type of training, location, etc...
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